What are the classification of the centrifugal pump?

What are the classification of the centrifugal pump?
Centrifugal pump is based on the classification of the lot, divided by the structure characteristics of different.
A number, press work impeller to classification
1, single pump: on the pump shaft is only one impeller.
2, multistage pump. : on the pump shaft, there are two or more than two impeller at this time of the pump total head is the sum of n of impeller head.

Second, according to the working pressure
1, the low pressure pump, pressure below 100 m water column;
2, medium pressure pump, pressure between 100 ~ 650 m water column;
3, high pressure pump, pressure is higher than 650 meters of water.

Third, according to the impeller inlet to classification
1, the unilateral feed water pump: also called single suction pump, the impeller is only one inlet;
2, feed water pump on both sides: also called double suction pump, the impeller has an inlet on both sides.Its flow rate than single suction pump twice, can be approximately regarded as two single suction pump impeller together back to back.

Four, according to the pump shell seam form to classification
1, horizontal split-case pump: in through the axis of the horizontal plane has combined with the seam.
2 pump, vertical joint surface: surface with axis vertical.

Five, according to the pump shaft position to classification
1, horizontal pumps, pump shaft in horizontal position.
2, vertical pump: the pump shaft is located in the vertical position.

Six, according to the impeller water classification to pressure out of the room
: 1, the volute pump water out of the impeller, directly into the pump shell have a shape of a helix.
2, guide vane pump: water out of the impeller, into its set of guide vane outside, after enter the next level or into the outlet pipe.
We say at ordinary times some pumps to multistage pump, refers to how many terms of impeller.
According to other structural features, it is likely to be horizontal, vertical joint surface pump, guide vane pump, high-pressure pump, water pump, etc.
So, according to different name is different.In addition, can also be classified according to utility, such as oil pump, water pump, condensate pump, ash discharge pump, circulating pump, etc.


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