Deep well submersible water pump inspection and preparation


Deep well submersible water pump inspection and preparation
1, should be can lift more than 3 meters high, can withstand the units of all the weight lifting equipment (preferably in crane) and tripod, card board, wrench, screwdriver, wire clamp, 500 v megohmmeter, insulating rubber adhesive belt such as equipment installation.
2, check the installation size of motor and pump installation is in accordance with the size, the motor power.
3, check the power supply voltage and frequency, and is consistent with the motor nameplate, if they are used in the control cabinet and motor matching.
4, check whether there is any damage on the power cable, its specification selection is reasonable, and the cable into the water 6 hours, with 500 v insulation resistance meter measuring the ground insulation resistance shall be not less than 500 ohms.(single refers to the joint part of the insulation resistance of water)

The butt joint of cable and power cable
submersible-water-pump1, stripping cable outer sheath and the main insulation layer, with copper wire 35-40 mm, conical rubber, that are close to the core part of the line core the oxide layer on the polished clean, and use alcohol wipe wire core (had better use hydrochloric acid) and to bind up insulation, sheath layer and makes it dry naturally.
2, joint
1) power cable (2) PVC adhesive tape (3) the viscosity butyl rubber band 4) phi 1 mm wire 5) solder 6) leads to cable
3, ready to 500 w electric, rosin, solder, LMM bare copper wire and electrical tape.
4, even with bare copper wire, tighten the cable core, with electric heating, tin, requirements, infiltration.With a file repair flat welding part (there is no burr and pointed shuttle), and once again with alcohol to wipe clean to bind part, dry.
5, first half overlapping with self-adhesive butyl tape package three layers, and gradually to the external extension of wire core.Must put tape stretch 200% when bandaging, outer half a lap with PVC glue again three layers, also gradually extend outward, guarantee the bandage part not shorter than 200 mm.
6, three core cable joint three joint position should be staggered in turn a certain distance, prevent short circuit.
7, which leads to the cable for the heaving line connection method
1) cable after pick up head shake test cable and motor (no water) insulation resistance, the value of not less than 150 ohms,
Shake again after 2) motor with full water test of the motor winding insulation resistance shall be not less than 40 ohms,
3) electricity test steering (less than 2 seconds).Make sequential position tag,
4) start the well: the next well continuous wave measuring insulation resistance at the same time observation of the change in case the wall hanging broken cable insulation skin, if it is found that the insulation level fell sharply to 0.5 ohms to unit to be brought to detect when the following reasons.If no accident, the well completion can pass about the steps in front of the boot commissioning.


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