AODD-50-ATFF pneumatic double diaphragm pump

AODD-50-ATFF pneumatic double diaphragm pump

AODD-50-ATFF pneumatic double diaphragm pump Main USES:

  1. All kinds of highly toxic, flammable and volatile liquids.

2, all kinds of strong acid, strong base, strong corrosive liquid.

  1. Medium with high temperature can be transported to 150℃.

4, as a variety of filter press front stage pressure feeding device.

  1. Hot water recovery and circulation.
  2. Loading and unloading of tankers, terminals and oil products.

Pump pickle jam, mashed potatoes, chocolate, etc.

8, pump paint, gum, pigment adhesive.

9, all kinds of porcelain glaze slurry, cement grouting, mortar, mud.

10, all kinds of rubber latex, organic solvents, fillers.

  1. Drain sewage and remaining oil from the bunker by pump for tanker barge clearance.

12, hops and baking powder pulp, syrup, molasses.

  1. Pump and suck sewage and sediment from mines, tunnels, tunnels and sewers.
  2. Suction of various special media.


AODD-50-ATFF pneumatic double diaphragm pump advantage:

Air Operated Diaphragm Pump advantage:

Using compressed air as power source, for a variety of corrosive liquids, liquids with particles, high viscosity, volatile, flammable, highly toxic liquids, can be pumped out, especially suitable for flammable and explosive field.

Product operation, safe and reliable, corrosion resistance, durable, self-priming, idling nondestructive, variety of materials, awide range of USES, simple device, free of maintenance.

  1. Food processing/biological health/pharmacy
  2. Automobile/plating and polishing
  3. Ceramics/paints/glazes
  4. Chemical/Petroleum
  5. Chemical construction/public facilities
  6. Mechanical support/waste water treatment



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