Stainless steel gear pump

Stainless Steel Gear Pump

The working characteristics of gear pump:
1: strong self-priming pump performance, but before the start of must open the outlet valve, otherwise it will appear inside leaking severely unbalanced operation;
2: Stainless steel gear pump operation flow and pressure but has certain pulsation;
3: can conveying viscous medium, and the efficiency of little change, such as resin, such as honey, can deliver a certain volume of medium, such as: single screw pump, twin screw pump;
4: with the increase of conveying liquid viscosity and air content, the pump flow and pressure drop in performance.
5: positive displacement pump must be fitted with safety loop or relief valve, can balance the balance of the overpressure condition;
6: traffic cannot rely on exports valve adjustment, positive displacement pump is inversely proportional to the flow and pressure parameters, such as adjusting the export valve flow rate pressure drop will enhance the export.Commonly used by-pass adjustment, revolution regulation method;
7: the theory of flow has nothing to do with the pipeline characteristics, is determined by the performance parameters of the pump only;And provide pressure depends on the pipeline characteristics, has nothing to do with the pump itself, positive displacement pump called overall resistance pressure of pipeline, if under the condition of the pump discharge not connect line, gear oil pump does not have the discharge pressure.
8: the pump shaft power will increase with the rising of exhaust pressure, the efficiency of the pump will also corresponding increase, but the pressure more than the rated value, because of inside leaking, efficiency will be decreased.

The clogging pump export channels, you can open the relief valve pressure relief.The relief valve can be cast and pump body and pump cover, also can separate assembly.For high viscosity gear pump need positive &negative, import and export all needs to set up the line safety valve.
Static ring installation: will sound static ring on the three pins on the rotor chamber, firstly with the hand pressed into the mounting holes of the rotor chamber, until the static ring o-ring into the mounting holes.
Ring ring installation: the intact into the shaft end, until the bottom of the ring in contact with the shoulder.Based on the location of two screw ring should be consistent with the second plane position on the shaft.Gently screwing in the two screws on the ring, until you feel at the bottom of the screw and axial plane contact, and then screw loose 1 ~ 2 screw teeth, make the ring on the shaft to rotate around 5 °, bear in mind that may not make ring can rotate 360 ° on the shaft.Then in the screw hole into a small amount of paint or ointment, screw when the equipment running in case may fall off.
Carefully will be equipped with static ring rotor chamber along the shaft, and makes the two taper pin on the rotor chamber insert the two pin hole on the transmission case, screwing in the rotor chamber fixed nut, and the two on the iron rod inserted into the rotor chamber positioning pin hole, hammer respectively two dowel, until the dowel pin installed, the lock rotor chamber fixed nut, consistent with the original factory location in the position of the rotor chamber.
Will be recorded in the original adjustment shims as-is respectively installed on the shaft.
The rotor into the rotor indoor, use cushion between two rotor copper bar or block, locked rotor fixed nut.

Note: (1) the rotor, rotor fixed nuts and the shaft when the factory number, has been completed on the assembly time please send together with the number of parts, and in this step is completed to see their number.(2) according to the direction of rotation of shaft fixed nut tightening direction, to determine the fixed nut tightening direction and axis of rotation in the opposite direction.
Coupling of the gear pump, hand plate along the gear pump to sign to revolve, testing between rotor and rotor, rotor and rotor chamber at the bottom of the inner cavity of the surrounding and flat clearance should be roughly consistent, no scratches.
With ruler on the outer surface of the rotor chamber of different positions, to detect the rotor and clearance between the ruler and 11 pacing clearance should be roughly consistent, no scratches.
Will the rotor chamber cover assembly on the rotor chamber, and ensure that chamber cover basic is flush with the rotor chamber on the plane, the plane locking cap nut.
Hand plate coupling of the gear pump, the feeling with and without scratches phenomenon in the process of rotating the gear pump, such as no scratches phenomenon indicates assembly has been finished.
Installed coupling cover, connected to the power supply, start the pump, ensure there is enough material liquid of the pipeline, to observe the mechanical seal leakage phenomenon, such as no leakage phenomenon mechanical seal replacement has been finished. <Stainless steel gear pump more introduction>


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