Magnetic pump operation

Through our understanding of the magnetic pump development, the following matters needing attention in pump operation are summarized:

1, magnetic pump shaft front packing box, sealing function is reliable.At the same time, mechanical seal device is installed on the bearing pedestal, so that no large amount of leakage will occur, a small amount of leakage will be discharged through the leakage port, a small amount of leakage is normal at the start of the operation, in a certain time after the seal surface operation, leakage will be reduced or stopped.

2, there are two ball bearing housings, for the transport of heat conduction oil lubrication pump magnetic pump impeller side of a ball bearing, by the side of the coupling is a ball bearing with high temperature lubricating grease: each ball bearing in operation after 3000 hours, must remove the clean diesel engine inspection, the contact surface is damaged, if there are any damage, new bearing must be replaced.When the ball bearing on the impeller side is installed, one side of the dust cover should be installed on the impeller and opened before the oil heater is injected.

3, the magnetic pump in the design flow should not be less than 30% of the continuous operation.If it is necessary to operate under this premise, the bypass pipe should be installed at the outlet and the flow will be small.

4. Check the looseness of the anchor bolt, the temperature of the stainless steel magnetic pump shell is consistent with the inlet temperature, the fluctuation of the outlet pressure gauge and the vibration of the pump.

5, pay attention to the operation of the magnetic pump without noise, such as the normal state, should be promptly dealt with.


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