How To Buy Magnetic Drive Pump?

How To Buy Magnetic Drive Pump

How to buy a good magnetic drive pump?Because the magnetic pump excellent performance, widely used, however, users often don’t know how to choose magnetic pump.Please read the following content:

This product is widely used in: petrochemical, acid alkali, non-ferrous metal smelting, automobile manufacturing pickling technology, rare earth separation, pesticide, dye, medicine, papermaking, electroplating, radio, etc.Applicable: the temperature of -20 degrees to +100 degrees.

Are suitable for transfer from corrosion, easy burning, easy explosive, poisonous liquid, volatile chemical liquid.

1,prevent magnetic disappear
(1)design torque cannot be too small.
(2)the temperature not too high, increase the thermometer, the temperature is too high, the pump automatically stops.
2,prevent particles into
(1)liquid cannot have impurities, impurity cannot enter shaft coupling and bearing.
(2)easy to crystallization of liquid, need to be cleaned, ensure the service life of bearing.
(3)pump inlet need to install filter.


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