Multi-stage pump failure and solution

Multistage centrifugal pump

1:The pump does not absorb water, the pressure gauge and the vacuum gauge jump violently
1).Poured traction water not enough.
2).Leakage of pipe and instrument connection.
3).Suction is too high.

1).Check for water leakage.Poured traction water.
2).Tighten the bolt.
3). Reduce the suction height.

2:small flow rate
1).Multistage centrifugal pump inlet has air intrusion.
2). The low water level.
3). The impeller has blocked.
4) sealing serious wear and tear.
1).Check pipeline.
2). Extend inlet pipe.
3). Remove and remove garbage.
4). Replace seal.

3:The pump consumes more power
1).Sealing bolts are too tight.
2). Excessive flow of flow.
3). Contact.
4). of impeller and pump body. Pump bearing wear.
5). Pump shaft bend.
1).Adjust valve.
2). Repair impeller and pump body position.
3). Replace bearing.
4). Replace pump shaft.

4:Pump vibration increase
1).Impeller block.
3) impeller damage. Traffic tailed.
4). The pump shaft and motor is not in horizontal line.
5) bearing damaged.
6). Inhaled air
1).Remove and remove garbage.
2). Change the impeller.
3). Open the valve.
4). The recalibration.
5) improve the inlet line.


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