Why does the oil pump seal leak?

Why does the oil pump seal leak?

1, the assembly of reason

2, due to being connected in tooling, lead to oil seal after being connected in deformation;

3, in the process of assembly, oil seal by screw thread or spline, cause the lip cut;

4, due to the oil seal a lower roughness, pressed force is too large, lead to spring failure or lip flip.

5, the cause of the skeleton
Due to oil seal spring material and manufacturing problems, its performance failure.Spring failure modes for: spring too tight or too loose, too loose when spring compression force is small, can not meet the sealing effect, too tight when the spring compression strength, oil seal and the mismatch between the axis of rotation, lead to abnormal wear of oil seal, oil eventually occur.

6, working medium
Working medium is oil.Oil seal material selection should consider its compatibility with the oil, the compatibility is poor, can produce the lip swelling, hardening, softening, cracking, etc., finally the spill occurred.

7, lip and wear

8, cleanliness problems: sand casting, machining iron impurities, oil, etc., stockpiling oil seal lip area, work occurs when abnormal wear and tear;

9, oil seal and axis coaxial, oil seal eccentric wear occurred after being connected, abnormal wear lip;

10, oil seal lip lithium base grease, can produce dry friction, lead to abnormal wear and tear.

11, the cause of the shaft

12, the axis of rotation surface roughness, hardness is not reasonable, the auto industry is generally choose roughness not less than 0.8, with oil seal parts will use a high frequency quenching, hardness is not lower than HRC55;

13, the axis of rotation surface flaws, such as corrosion, scratches, directional mark, etc.


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