WCB Portable Gear Pump for Lubricating Oil

WCB gear pump
WCB gear pumps
WCB gear pumps


WCB gear pump application range:

  1. WCB gear oil pump for diesel, kerosene and other light oil products, transportation

gasoline, methanol and other flammable and explosive medium must be equipped with

stainless steel or copper gear.According to their different needs to choose the corresponding

flow, power, voltage.

  1. WCB explosion-proof gasoline pump is used to transport gasoline, methanol and other

flammable and explosive media, it is forbidden to transport oil, hydraulic oil and other heavy

quality oil. It is recommended to use copper gear to transport gasoline, methanol, xylene,

etc.Example: conveying gasoline, methanol with WCB-75 copper tooth 220V explosion-

proof motor Security.

  1. WCB stainless steel gear pump for edible oil, vegetable oil, chemical solution, gasoline,

methanol, alcohol, etc.Example: WCB-75 does not rust Steel 220V explosion-proof suitable

for edible oil, gasoline, methanol and other high temperature, flammable and explosive oil


  1. WCB oil pump used to transport oil, hydraulic oil and other heavy quality oil must be

equipped with 4-pole motor or WCB-30 pump head with 0.75KW-2 pole motor,

In this way, the safety performance of the pump is more guaranteed.

WCB gear pump decomposition diagram
WCB gear pump decomposition diagramWCB

WCB gear pump overview:

  1. Model: WCB Type: WCB-30, WCB-50, WCB-75, WCB-100.
  2. Manufacturer:BOTOU KEMAI PUMPS CO.,LTD Pump material: Pump body:cast iron or

stainless steel.

  1. WCB Gear Oil Pump is a portable gear oil pump with small size, it can transfer diesel,

biodiesel, kerosene, vegetable oil,hydraulic oil, motor oil etc…. , if it is coupled with copper

gear, it is suitable for gasoline transfer. The stainless steel pump is fit for milk, drink,

vegetable oil and some other food liquid transfer.

  1. Temperature: less than 80℃;


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