Submersible water pump characteristics

Submersible water pump is a kind of pump and motor conjoined, and the pump type product that works at the same time the infiltration fluid, compared with the general horizontal pump or vertical water pump, the sewage pump has a compact structure and small footprint. The installation and maintenance is convenient, the large sewage pump is equipped with automatic coupling device for automatic installation, installation and maintenance is quite convenient. The running time is long. As the pump and motor are coaxial, the shaft is short and the rotating part is lighter, so the load (radial) on the bearing is relatively small, which is much longer than the ordinary pump. There are no cavitation damage and irrigation. The latter point, in particular, brings great convenience to operators. Small vibration noise, low temperature rise, no pollution to the environment.

Submersible water pump characteristics
1, adopt unique single vane or double vane impeller structure, greatly improve the through capacity of the contamination, can effectively through the pump fibre material 5 times of pump diameter and about 50% of the solid particles.
2, the mechanical seal adopted new hard decay resistance of tungsten carbide material, at the same time will improve as the double end face seal, seal the indoor running in oil for a long time, can make the safe running more than 8000 hours continuously.
3. The overall structure is compact, small in size, small in noise, remarkable in energy saving effect, easy to overhaul, no need to build the pump room, and can work in the water, greatly reducing the project cost.
4. The pump seal oil chamber is equipped with high precision anti-interference leakage detection sensor, and the heat sensitive element is embedded in the stator windings, and the water pump motor is absolutely protected.
5. It can be equipped with automatic safety protection control cabinet according to users’ needs, and absolute protection of water leakage, leakage, overload and overtemperature of the water pump, which can improve the safety and reliability of the products.
6. The floating ball switch can be changed according to the required fluid, automatic control of the starting and stop of the pump, no need to be supervised by special people, and it is very convenient to use.
7. It can be equipped with a double guide automatic coupling installation system according to the user’s needs. It is very convenient for installation and maintenance, and people can not enter the sinkhole for this purpose.
8. Be able to use within the range of the whole head and ensure that the motor is not overloaded.
9. There are two different installation modes, fixed automatic coupling installation system, mobile free installation system.


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