EODD-65-2.5″ Electric Operated Double Diaphragm Pump Acid And Alkali

EODD-65-2.5" Electric double diaphragm pump

EODD Electric Operated Double Diaphragm Pump Overview:

EODD Series, the third electric diaphragm pump adopted the cydoidal reducer which is enable the

volume of left and right pump chamber, so as to suck in and exhaust liquids, is one new kind of pumps,

which has been employed in more and more industrialized countries over the world in recent years

because of the breakthrough development in its diaphragm materials, it displaces some centrifugal pumps

and screw pumps and is used in the fields of chemistry, ceramics, metallurgy and so on.


EODD Electric Operated Double Diaphragm Pump Data sheets:

Specifications EODD-65 EODD-H-65
Max.Flow 42.8 gpm (162 lpm) 126.8 gpm (480 lpm)
Max.Working Pressure 58 psi (0.4 Mpa, 4 bar) 102 psi (0.7 Mpa, 7 bar)
Fluid Inlet Size 2-1/2 in.bsp (f) 5 in.bsp (f)
Fluid Outlet Size 2-1/2 in.bsp (f) 5 in.bsp (f)
Max.Suction Height(dry suction) 16.4 ft. (5 m) 16.4 ft. (5 m)
Max.Permitted Grain 3/16 in. (4.8 mm) 3/16 in. (4.8 mm)
Every Reciprocating Flow 0.5 gal. (1.9 L) 0.5 gal. (1.9 L)
Max. Reciprocating Speed 85 cpm 85 cpm
Outlet Pressure 0.4 Mpa 0.4 Mpa
Motor Power 2.2 KW 3 KW
Pump body structure PVDF PVDF


EODD Electric Operated Double Diaphragm Pump Performance Characteristics:

1, No irrigation and water diversion is required, and the self-absorption capacity is up to 7 meters.

2, through the performance is good, the diameter of less than 10 mm particles, mud, etc. can pass effortlessly.

3, because the diaphragm will be delivered medium and drive mechanical parts separate, so the medium will never leak out. And pump itself without shaft seal, the service life is greatly extended. According to different media, the diaphragm can be divided into neoprene rubber, butadiene rubber, fluororubber, tetrafluorin, etc., can completely meet the requirements of different customers.

4, the pump body medium flow part, according to user requirements, can be divided into cast iron, stainless steel, PP,

Polypropylene,PVDF,aluminum alloy, motor is divided into ordinary type and explosion-proof type two.




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