What are the common faults of the charging device

What are the common faults of the charging device and how to solve them?

The dosing device is a highly integrated equipment, which is accepted by the majority of users for its small size, simple operation and convenient installation.
In the process of use there will be some common faults, in the face of these faults how to solve?
Ten common faults of charging device and their solutions:

(1) The inlet pipe is blocked or the resistance is too big: dredge the inlet pipe and take corresponding measures to reduce the resistance.


(2) Air inlet pipe connection: tighten the connecting screw or seal interface.


(3) Serious packing leakage;
Tighten or replace packing.


(4) The pump body pipeline has air: remove air.


(5) Import and export check valve close lax: check the seat, clean or replace the ball valve.


6) Inlet and outlet check the sealing pad leakage: check the sealing surface or replace the o-ring.


Repair oil valve does not fill oil, fill oil is insufficient, fill oil frequently or leak: adjust the valve spring tightness or repair repair oil valve sealing surface, clean and replace the ball.


The safety valve took off frequently: adjust the spring tightness, find out the reason to take measures to eliminate.


Thick name (PET-type) tight sealing at the limiting plate in diaphragm cavity: tighten the screw at the end of pump head or find out the reason to eliminate it.


If the hydraulic oil is not clean, the three valves will not work normally: replace the clean hydraulic oil.


In order to avoid the failure of the charging device, it is necessary to check the safety valve, pressure gauge and the valve of each line regularly to avoid failure


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