Sludge screw pump and mechanical seal

Sludge screw pump and mechanical seal

About the kind of pump, screw pump with the related knowledge content, front already so, below again for their knowledge, learning or content, so, can be easily carried out, because of, have the foundation of this aspect.And, for us, this also is a very good opportunity to learn, not to be missed, lest leave regret to make up for.

1. The sludge screw pump, it can call again?And, what are their arguments?
Sludge screw pump,It is a sludge mono pump,its also can call it single screw pump.Moreover, its have the advantage of ordinary screw pump.So, in the transmission medium, can be as low viscosity medium, as well as, some suspending liquid containing solid particles or fibers.In addition, the high viscosity medium, also applies.This kind of screw pump, the pressure is 3.4-340 kg/cm2, the traffic, up to 18600 cubic cm/min.

2. The screw pump inlet and outlet diameter, the same?
Screw pump, its in diameter, is not necessarily the same, so on this question, the answer is not necessarily, because it also depends on the specific circumstances.It is, in general, there will be two cases, one is the import and export of diameter, 2 it is imports than exports.However, from the current view, is the second case, for, namely diameter screw pump inlet diameter greater than the exports.

3. Twin screw pump mechanical seal, if damaged, then, what reason be?
Twin Screw pump mechanical seal, if damaged, then, on the specific reasons, is for the mechanical seal wear and tear, in turn, lead to the leakage problems, thus, causing the damage.Specific, however, also depends on the actual situation, which is a specific pump, as well as its ways of working, ability to specific decisions.Otherwise, is unable to determine, and it is unfavorable to solve the problem.


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