Magnetic drive pump type selection

Magnetic drive pump consists of gear pump, magnetic transmission device, motor of three parts.Gear pump by the pump body, pump cover, gears, bearings and of the Lord, from the shaft, etc;Magnetic actuator by the outer magnetic rotor and inner magnetic rotor and not of permeability of sleeve;Other components mainly including brackets, base, motor and other components.
Gear pump is relying on the pump body and the meshing gear formed by the working volume change and move to liquid or pressurization of the rotary pump.By two gear, pump body and cover of two closed space, when gears, gear side space volume from small greaten, forming a vacuum, the liquid suction, the side of the gear mesh from large to small volume of the space, and the liquid into line.
CQB series magnetic drive centrifugal pump is the working principle of magnetic couplings used in centrifugal pump of high-tech product, reasonable design, advanced technology, is suitable for the medium viscosity is low, large flow, low head of all kinds of medium, but every time before starting the pump priming.Centrifugal pump is the basic structure of the impeller, pump body, pump shaft, bearing, seal ring, stuffing box and other parts.
Centrifugal pump depends on the effect of rotating impeller on the liquid of the prime mover mechanical energy transmitted to the liquid.Due to the effect of centrifugal pump in the process of the liquid flowing from impeller import export, its speed can be increased, and pressure can be impeller discharge of liquid through the pressure out of the room, most of the speed can be converted to pressure, and then along the discharge pipe to go out, at this point, the impeller inlet vacuum or low pressure, formed by the liquid discharge and suction tank of liquid in the role of liquid surface pressure (atmospheric pressure), by the impeller of the imported, so the rotating impeller is continuous inhalation and discharged liquid.
Outside the modern magnetic series self-priming pump adopts advanced axial back mixing type pump body structure design, pump body by absorbing chamber, liquid storage chamber, volute, reflux hole, gas-liquid separation chamber and other parts.Suitable for large flow, low head conveying medium viscosity similar to water, before the start without irrigation fluid.Pump starts, in under the action of centrifugal force, the remaining liquid in the suction chamber and into the air in the liquid line is impeller form gas-liquid mixture and stir the mixture enters the gas-liquid separation chamber through the volute, as the flow velocity is reduced, cause gas water separation, the air is being exhausted from port pumping liquid, liquid reflux hole to return to the pump cavity, after many cycles, into the air in the fluid pipeline is emptying gradually, make the pump cavity formed certain vacuum degree, low trough in the liquid flow under the action of atmospheric pressure, pump imports, to achieve the effect of imbibition, this series of imbibition process pump is just start in 1 to 3 minutes automatically, without human intervention, when the liquid into the liquid pipe of the pump and the pump cavity after automatically into the normal operation of the pump group.Magnetic self-priming pump driving device adopts active magnet coupling directly on the motor shaft, indirectly by magnetic shaft coupling driving rotor combination on the impeller rotation, all closed, the pump chamber completely without leakage.


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