Introduce several screw pumps

Introduce several screw pumps

  • I-1 b screw pump is a single-screw pump, its main working parts are eccentric screw (rotor) of helix and the inner surface is on the surface of the double spiral screw bushing (called stator).Its working principle is that when electric pump shaft rotation, screw around the axis of rotation itself on the one hand, on the other hand it along the bushing inside surface rolling, the type of pump is single screw displacement rotary pump, the pump using eccentric screw in twin twist of the single screw bushing in the rotation, the thick slurry along the spiral groove by suction to discharge, achieve the function of pump delivery.

    G type single screw pump is in turning meshing volumetric work principle of new type pump, transmission shaft coupling can be used directly, or use triangle to low speed motor, gearbox, stepless transmission device speed, etc.Traffic-150 m3 / h, 0.8 0.4 1.2 MPa pressure.

  • LQ3A series stainless steel rotor pump (also called a roots pump), is the introduction of foreign advanced technology, after digestion and absorption, elaborate design, development, and is in a leading position in the current domestic similar products, because it not only has all the rotor pump (example:Stainless Steel Gear Pump, pump, screw pump CAM…In common, more has its unique transmission characteristics of high viscosity material, so, we call this kind of pump colloid pump again.
  • Sludge screw pump is the single screw pump, it is the main working parts of the eccentric screw (rotor) of helix and the inner surface is on the surface of the double spiral screw bushing (stator) sludge summary of screw pump, sludge sewage treatment sludge screw pump is the single screw pump in the specific application of the pump using eccentric single spiral screw rotation in the double spiral bushing, sewage sludge along the spiral groove by suction to discharge, this is the work principle of screw pump sludge.
  • Stainless steel screw pump has been widely used in developed countries, foreign majority said the single screw pump “mono pump” ,the German said” eccentric rotor pump “.Because of its excellent performance, in recent years in domestic application scope is expanding fast.It is the biggest characteristic of strong adaptability, smooth flow of medium, small pressure fluctuation, self-priming ability, this is irreplaceable by any other kind of pump.Currently I units of products has become a system oneself, pressure is 0.4~1.2 MPa , can meet the different needs of users of single screw pump.
  • G type electromagnetic variable-speed fluid flow in single screw pump volume not change, no red flow agitation and elasticity of arteries and veins formed stator cavity volume transport medium containing solid particles can effectively reduce the abrasion of the input interface to viscosity of up to 50000 mpa.s is proportional to flow and speed of solid content of 50%, with the help of a governor can realize automatic adjustment of the pump can be positive and negative transfer.


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