CQF plastic magnetic drive pump – Acid and alkali pumps

CQF plastic magnetic drive pump

CQF series magnetic drive pump performance range:

Model:10CQF-3,14CQF-5, 16CQF-8, 20CQF-12, 25CQF-15, 32CQF-15, 32CQF-25, 40CQF-20, 50CQF-25, 50CQF-32, 65CQF-25, 65CQF-32.
Flow:1.2m3/h ~ 25m3/h;
Head:3m ~ 32m;
Caliber:10mm ~ 65mm;
Power:0.12KW ~ 5.5KW;
Voltage:220V ~ 380V;
Material:reinforced PP.

CQF series magnetic drive pump overview and features:

CQF Product is mainly made of reinforced PP and all flow-through pump parts adopt injection mould with resistance to most organic and inorganic acid, alkali and salty solutions, applicable for being exposed outdoor with fine anticorrosive performance of stress corrosion cracking. CQF engineering plastic magnetic pump is a new type of pump that uses the working principle of permanent magnet coupling to transfer torque without contact. When the prime mover drives the outer magnetic steel to rotate, it drives the inner magnetic steel rotor to rotate synchronously through the action of the magnetic field, and the inner magnetic steel rotor and the impeller are connected into one, so as to achieve the purpose of driving the impeller to rotate without contact. Because of liquid sealed in the stillness of the isolation set inside, so the magnetic pump is a fully enclosed, without leakage of product, with static seal instead of dynamic seal, magnetic pump flow components of pump in a completely sealed state, conveying fluid leak-off, selection of magnetic pump corrosion, the steel ceramics, reinforced polypropylene as manufacturing material, so it has good corrosion resistance, And can make the real transport medium from pollution.


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